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A Non-invasive, drug free approach to healing the brain using modern computer technology


The Brain Frequency™ AI system is an innovative therapeutic approach to improving brain health and wellness. We use proprietary science-based technology to promote optimal brain functioning across mental, emotional, physical and social domains. Our diagnostic technology and individualized treatment protocols help decrease or eliminate trauma-related symptoms and various mental health disorders.

Brain Frequency has developed an evolutionary software that does three things:


Using EEG data, it analyzes brain waves and produces a brain map identifying current and optimal frequencies in 19 areas of the brain


Based on this brain map, it will identify various possible mental health, neurological, and/or cognitive diagnoses. This is a comprehensive report of findings.


Based on the map, the software immediately presents us with a recommended care plan using the Brain Frequency™ personalized protocols.

Predictive Diagnostics = Accurate Results & Better Care

The real-time predictive diagnostics tool is the best way to determine what issues are going on in your brain. Once that report is processed, we then get a care plan for improving the brain using the provided porotocols. These protocols are administered as sessions, with anywhere from 10 – 30 sessions recommended to see real changes in the brain.

This QEEG map is able to identify many mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, ADHD and P.T.S.D., as well as neurological disorders such as TBI/concussion, tinnitus, and early on-set dementia.

Treatment Overview

The number of sessions a patient receives will depend upon their diagnosis, severity of symptoms, and response rate. On average, patients receive once or twice daily treatments for an average of 40 treatments total. Some patients report positive results in as few as 6 to 8 treatments. Many report that their sleep has improved after a week of treatment. Most mental health disorders do not require any further treatment once the brain is in balance. The age of the brain does not determine the rate of response – each brain is different.

Measured Improvement Over Time

We compiled data on over 1,000 assessments and have quantitative data showing an improvement across a number of psychometric scores:

Brain Frequency

Why Brain Frequency Training Is Better

Those seeking treatment struggle with various issues: some are born with an imbalance in their brain; some have experienced traumatic events and the brain is left out of sync; some have been diagnosed with a disorder; and others simply have trouble remembering where they put their keys. Brain Frequency™ is the hope.

Prescribing medications is often a trial and error process, leaving patients feeling like test subjects. Furthermore, the side effects of medications can be debilitating. The Brain Frequency™ system is an incredible alternative to medications.

Ready To Get Started?

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