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Do Brain Training from the comfort of your home.

Audio visual entrainment (A.V.E.) helps the mind function more normally. It can be used to manage stress, improve focus, meditate, break stuck patterns and improve bedtime routines.

Home Training

How can Audio & Visual Entrainment Help me?

AVE (Audio Visual Entrainment) works by utilizing light and sound pulses at specified brainwave frequencies that are considered normal. The user will then match these frequencies while being trained, leading the user’s mind from normal waking consciousness to a variety of desirable states of consciousness. With repeated use, the goal is for the mind to learn to stay within the proper ranges on it’s own.

EEG-Driven Light Sound Stimulation (EDLSS) uses completely natural forms of stimulation (flickering light and pulsing sound) to renormalize the brainwave frequency profiles of  many individuals. We believe that this technology has the potential to replace the use of  stimulant drugs as a treatment for many neurological conditions.

With audio-visual entrainment, you can manage stress, improve focus, meditate, relax, get better rest and break undesirable states like anger, all without drugs.

Ready To Get Started?

Schedule an appointment today for a consultation or a QEEG brain map. It could very well change your life!